Woman Rugby Player Comes Out as Gay and Surprises Nobody

This just in, college club rugby player, Samantha Clint, released to all of her Facebook friends that she is in fact homosexual.

It was not a shock to anyone that Samantha had came out of the closet. Many people already assumed she liked women. Here are a few of the comments from the post.

“Wow, congrats! Grandpa and I have been putting bets on when you were finally going to come out. He won :(“

“Samantha!! Is that why you made me put my finger in you in 6th grade?”

“Aren’t all women rugby players gay?”

“We all knew this.”

“I remember when we used to play whack-a-mole in my basement. I couldn’t believe how hard we had to whack that mole to get it inside of you. Good times :)”

What do you think, are all women rugby players gay? Let us know by sharing this with your thots!


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