New Study Shows That Almonds Get Super Stressed Out When Being Milked

Many people have ditched dairy products over health concerns for cows on dairy farms. They argue that the cows live a terrible life. Whether that’s from poor living conditions, being milked twice a day, or abuse from humans, they make a pretty good argument. This caused many people to switch to an alternative form of milk. One of the most popular alternatives is almond milk.

On the outside, almond milk looks like the most humane option, but recently a study came out showing the hard truth to all almond milk drinkers. The study revealed that when being milked, almonds feel an extraordinary amount of stress. To put it in comparison, the stress they feel is roughly 12x the amount of stress an average student feels the night before a final exam. Wow.

And for almonds, they must go through this process 4 times per day. The worst part about it all is that after 2 weeks the almonds milk reserves will be all dried up and they end up just getting thrown away to die.

Now how does that make you feel? Will you continue to drink almond milk? Or are you better than that? Share this with your thoughts to let us know!


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