Man Begins Vaping to Quit Smoking is now More Addicted to Nicotine Than Ever

Hundreds of Thousands of people every year say they are going to quit smoking. Sadly, only a very small majority of those people actually end up quitting. In recent years, many people have turned to e-cigarettes in hopes that it would help them quit their addiction.

Chris Miller was one of those people. He went to his local vape shape and purchased a mod and some juice and the rest is history. Just like that Chris was able to quit cigarettes.

Chris says, “It’s freaking awesome. One day I couldn’t control myself from my addiction, and now I hardly even crave a cigarette. Now I just make sure I have my vape on me at all times. That way whenever I want to smoke a cigarette, I just hit my vape. It’s great! I can do it at the park, in a movie theater, at a restaurant, at my daughter’s ballet recital, and the list goes on and on. I literally do it 24/7 and I’ve never felt better. I know I’m technically probably more addicted to nicotine than ever, but at least I don’t smoke!”

We are so proud of Chris’ efforts to give up such a terrible habit and replacing it with a habit that is soooo much better for him.

Chris left those struggling with cigarette addiction a word of advice. “The best way to break an addiction is to just start a new one.”

Thanks Chris. And Goodluck to everyone else trying to quit smoking. You heard the man. Just pick up a new addiction and you are good to go!


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