A Family of 6 Were Discovered Living in an IKEA for Nearly 2 Months

Everyone loves to shop at IKEA. Whether you are actually shopping, just killing time browsing around different bedroom setups, or grabbing a bite to eat at the food court, it is always a great time being at IKEA. So great, that one family decides to move in after their home was foreclosed. And it wasn’t just any family. It was a family of 6.

It is reported that the family lived there for nearly 2 months undetected. They simply hid in closets at night until everyone went home. Then slept comfortably on the beds until morning when they would return to their positions in the closets. They wouldn’t come back out again until people started walking into the doors. They would eat 2 meals a day as a family in the food court, and spend most of the day exploring new places in the store.

It wasn’t until one day a manager forgot his wallet at the store and had to go back in after hours to grab it. He heard children playing and immediately called authorities.

IKEA did not press charges on the family, but they released a statement saying, “We appreciate how much our customers love our store, and we are honored that someone would call IKEA home, but we strongly advise that you do not actually make it your home.”

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