Woman Accidentally Laughed Her Ass Off After Receiving Funny Meme From Friend

This is no laughing matter now to Emily, the 23 year old woman from Charleston. Emily was chatting with her friend Tricia. They were both sending memes back and forth to each other when all of a sudden, Tricia sent a super dank meme that caused Emily to literally laugh her ass off.

Emily says, “When I got the meme I just couldn’t contain myself. I started laughing so hard and I began to reply by typing ‘lmao’ and that’s when it happened. I felt a sharp pain on my backside and when I stood up my ass was on the floor.”

Tricia has since apologized for sending the meme that caused this to happen, but that won’t bring Emily’s butt back.

Emily plans on getting a fake butt in the near future. She also wanted to warn others of dangers of laughing too hard. “I don’t wish this upon anyone,” Emily Says.

Be careful the next time you decide to send a risky meme to someone. They may just laugh their ass off.


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