New Report Shows That 11.9% is the Proper Amount to Tip

Do you ever go out to eat? Well then this article is for you.

When going out to eat, many people are unsure of just how much they should tip the waitress. Most people believe that number is anywhere from 10% to 20%.

We recently found out from a study of 1,230 servers that the ideal tipping percentage according to servers is 11.9%.

Many of the servers said that they didn’t really care about how much someone left for them. They just cared about giving truly great service to their beloved customers. At the end of the day that’s what made them the most happy.

So remember the next time you go out, don’t feel obligated to leave a huge tip. The servers are happy with or without your money.

What do you think is the perfect tipping percentage? Share this with your thoughts to let us know!


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