Man Said “Long Story Short” Before Telling Story That Was in Fact Very Long

A 39 year old man from Corpus Christi, Texas reportedly told a woman at a bar a very long story. Even though before telling the story, he said, “long story short.”

The woman wrote into us to explain the dilemma. The man planned on telling a story about how his dog passed away, but he proceeded to go into great detail about when he first got the dog and how he met his future wife at the dog park and they got married, had two kids, one boy one girl, the boy got into drugs at a young age, while the girl exceeded in school and has a bright future ahead of her. He then went on to talk about his long and painful divorce with his wife which ended up making the man homeless for several weeks before he finally got back on his feet. During that time he lost custody of his kids and the only thing he had left was the dog, but finally the dog passed away and he slipped into a deep depression and had to get counseling and now he is much better and he owns his own construction company that is doing really well and that is where the story finally ended.

All that just to briefly mention his dog died several years ago.

A word of advice goes out to all the readers that if you say long story short, the story better be SHORT!


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