Squatty Potty Used as Murder Weapon in Montana Homicide

26 Year Old Jordan Ellison of Miles City Montana will be appearing before the 6th District Court for the murder of 29 year old Ryan Stearn. Jordan and Ryan were roommates who lived in their two bedroom two bathroom apartment.

On the morning of February 2nd Jordan stated that he had to use the bathroom to take a poop. When Jordan entered his bathroom, he noticed that something was missing. That something was his beloved Squatty Potty. Jordan told the judge that he went into Ryan’s bathroom while Ryan was taking a poop and saw that Ryan had taken his Squatty Potty without asking him first.

Outraged at the fact that Ryan would do such a thing, Jordan ripped the Squatty Potty out from under Ryan’s feet and smacked him across the head with it. Ryan was knocked unconscious from the blow. This is where things went from bad to worse. When Ryan was knocked unconscious, he fell off of the toilet and into the bathtub. Jordan attempted to wake him back up by turning on the shower. Jordan stated that he thought the water would help his roommate regain consciousness. Jordan left the bathroom to finally take his poop, but when he came back to check on Ryan the tub had filled up with water. Ryan was still unconscious and ended up drowning in his own tub. Jordan attempted to resuscitate his roommate, but his efforts failed.

Jordan Ellison is being charged with first degree murder and is facing life in prison, and ultimately life without ever using another Squatty Potty.


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