New Study Suggests Sleeping 18 Hours a Day

Do you ever wake up feeling tired? Of course you do, and so does everyone else. This study is great news for everyone!

Researchers at Camelot University have recently completed a study of 29 individuals proving that 18 hours of sleep is the ideal amount of rest. Over the course of 6 months the patients were housed in a controlled facility. The patients were instructed to sleep for 18 hours a day. They were allowed to break up the 18 hours into multiple sleep sessions throughout the day. The other 6 hours of the day involved snacking and streaming their favorite TV shows.

The patients were asked to fill out a survey on day one asking about their mental health and overall happiness. The average score on day one was a 4.3 out of 10. On day 180 their scores shot up to a dramatic 9.6. We set out to ask these patients why they were so happy at the end of the study.


Jennifer Miles, 26 said, “You know how when you wake up, your bed feels so nice and warm and cozy, and you never want to leave? Well when you never have to leave, you get to constantly have that warm and fuzzy feeling inside of you. That’s what true happiness feels like.”

Michael Siton, 43 said, “Getting 8 hours of sleep is cool and all, but have you ever tried doing nothing all day? Now that sh*t is awesome. No better feeling in the world.”

Sabrina Littere, 41 said, “Before this study, I felt obligated to wake up my kids, make them breakfast, take them to school, go to work, make food again, and clean up. When you don’t have to do anything for anyone else, it’s fantastic. Now I just lay in bed all day with a bag of chips and stream shows on Netflix and take several naps. I tell my children that science says this is best for my health. Can’t argue with science!”


The proof is in the testimonies folks. Give it a try and see the improvements for yourself. Your boss, significant other, and children will understand…..hopefully.


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