KKK Leader Suffers Stroke While Reading to Local Kindergartners

Sierraville, Alabama – KKK Imperial Wizard, Josh White, was reading to a group of kindergarteners at Highland Elementary when he suddenly had a massive stroke.

Mr. White has always been known for his volunteering efforts. Whether it is at the Salvation Army, at the local soup kitchen, or organizing Klan meetings, Josh is the go to guy when it comes to needing a helping hand. Recently Josh was asked to read from his new book, “KLAN: Kids Learning About Negros” to some local kindergarteners. White gladly accepted the offer and found it to be a good opportunity to educate children about the African-American community. Unfortunately, it did not go as planned.

Mr. White only ended up making it through the first chapter in the book before he noticed his words were starting to slur. He began to notice a blur in his vision as well, and he could hardly make out any words. Josh ended up passing out in front of all of the children, and had to be immediately rushed to the hospital, where they later learned he suffered a massive stroke. Sadly, the kids never got to hear the rest of the book.

Josh White is recovering in a local hospital, and he vows to get right back into his volunteer work as soon as he finishes his rehabilitation. He said, “When you come this close to dying, you realize how much more impact you could create in this world. It is my duty to teach and help others, and I’m glad I can continue doing just that.”


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