Joining the Military Will Guarantee You Get Engaged/Married Within Two Years

The average age that couples get married at in the United States is 27.6. The average age that couples in the United States Armed Forces get married at is 20.9.

Many people like to make sure that their life is pretty well put together before they get married. Getting a good career, buying a house, and having a reliable car are all part of that checklist of getting your shit together. But for some, they like to forgo that checklist. Those people are called, members of the U.S. military. We talked to a member of the marines who got married at 19.

Titus H. age 22, said, “Well I was getting relocated to San Diego and my girlfriend at the time had always wanted to go to San diego. I just knew she was the love of my life since we were dating for almost a year. So I asked if she wanted to marry me and move to San Diego with me. 3 years later and now I’m divorced and still stuck in the military.”

We aren’t quite sure why these couples decide to make such rash decisions, but we sure would like to find out. Share this and let us know why you think this happens?


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