Anti-Vax Mom Sues Doctor and Divorces Husband After Finding Out Son Got Vaccine While At Doctor’s Office With Dad

As parents, you always want to do what’s best for your children. Since raising children doesn’t come with a manual, you probably turn to the internet whenever you need some advice on what to do.

In recent years thousands of people have been turning to the internet telling others to not vaccinate their children. They argue that it will cause autism in children because of a false study they read that was put out by a misleading researcher. This has caused much debate between whether or not parents should vaccinate their children. One mother from Portland jumped onto the Anti-Vax train and swore that she would never get her 2 year old son vaccinated. The father didn’t feel the same way. That turned out to be a problem.

One day, while the mother was on jury duty, the father was responsible for taking their child to a routine doctor’s appointment. With the mother not around, the father saw an opportunity he had to take. He requested the doctor to bring his son up to date on all available vaccines. As requested the doctor did just that. The boy and his father went home as if nothing had happened. It all went downhill though once the mother arrived at home. The father had forgotten to remove one of the bandaids the doctor had put on the child. The mother saw it immediately and became furious. She even called the doctor’s office and asked for the vaccine to be undone. Unfortunately, as most people know, that cannot be done.

Long story short, the mother ended up sueing the doctors office, as well as filing for a divorce. She lost the lawsuit, and fortunately lost all custody of the child. The justice system prevailed this time!


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